Conditional Logic

Conditional logic will change the way you build your Dubsado forms.

Want to show part of a form only if someone has selected a certain package?

Conditional logic will allow you to exactly that!

When a viewer selects a package or checkbox you can automatically unhide parts of your form. This helps keep your forms shorter and less overwhelming for clients, only showing them what they need to see.

Thank you Alice. I have had Dubsado for about 18 months and have always found it to be tough to make it work the way I want. I know that this is because I haven’t found the time to actually dig into it and see what is possible. That is where Alice’s course comes in. Alice has done all the hard work and created easy to follow tutorials and code snippets that make styling Dubsado a breeze. I can finally be proud of the forms I create and send through my proposals with confidence. Thank you so much for all the hard work that has gone into this course. It is really appreciated.

Veronika Ridderhof

Creative Natives

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Conditional Logic

Add conditional logic into your Dubsado Forms!

Dubsado Conditional Logic Add On


Currently you can trigger the conditional displays a few different ways.

  • Package select buttons
  • Package checkboxes
  • Package quantity boxes
  • Regular checkbox fields

Limitations & Planned Features

This conditional logic option is here to serve temporary option until Dubsado releases conditional form logic natively. That said, Dubsado has said conditional form logic is on their road map. One their logic becomes available I would recommend switching to it.

Features I plan to add

I'm planning to try add the following features, I say try, as Dubsado does have some limitations!

  • Conditional logic based on drop downs
  • Conditional logic based on radio fields
  • Conditional logic based on how many is entered in the package quantity fields
  • Conditional logic when there’s multiple checkboxes

Current Limitations

  • At the moment, when using a package checkbox rather than submit button or quantity field,  after you have clicked to select the box,  you have to move your cursor off the box for the logic to trigger. I am actively working on a way around this!